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Looking ahead...

It is Wednesday and I am currently sitting in the very lap of luxury as we travel back from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh courtesy of the “Mekong Express Limousine Bus.” As the name would suggest, this is no sub-par bus line that offers one 15 minute potty stop where the girls exit toward the field on the right and the boys on the left.

Instead, this bus comes complete with an onboard bathroom, official Cambodian karaoke on the loudspeaker, (with the occasional Backstreet Boys song thrown in to appease the tourists, or so I like to think) a free bottle of water, and a “Snack Hamper” containing Chicken Curry Pie, Yam Bean in a Puff Pastry, and of course a Red Bean Paste Bun. I think Greyhound offers a similar fare.

6 hours and $11 is all it requires to be so luxuriously transferred from the R&R portion of our time out with teams in Siem Reap back to Phnom Penh.

Bus rides like this afford Josh and I the chance to reflect on the surreal reality telling us that in exactly 9 weeks from now w…

Summer Team #2

Josh and I headed out a week and a half ago with some of our very favorite people from the lovely city of Santa Rosa, CA (and some surrounding areas) to do a construction project at our Lamb Church Orphan Home in the Bantey Meanchey province. This team was our second of the summer and they were amazing!
The day after they arrived we headed out to the province for what was supposed to be a roughly 8 hour trip. At around hour 2 of the trip the air conditioning in our bus went out so we hung out by the side of the road and ate yummy deep fried donut treats a lady on a bicycle was selling (we are excellent at surviving in a crisis).

An hour later we were back on the road...
At approximately hour 6, the road became noticeably more bumpy, muddy, and potentially detrimental to our new air conditioned bus. After some pained expressions on the driver’s face and verbal disapproval of the worsening road conditions(some things don’t require translation to be understood), he finally stopped, refusin…