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An open letter to our newest tiny human..

Dear sweet baby Ben,

I don't know if you'll have a chance to check your Facebook today, so I wanted to give you some advance notice that tomorrow is the day they told us we should be expecting you.  Now, they do sort of arbitrarily hand out these dates to future mothers, getting our expectations up likely beyond what they should be. But just in case you are thinking about making an appearance in the next 24-48 hours, I wanted to present some reasons that could reinforce your very wise, well-made decision.

The first reason could be classified as a bit "selfish" on my part I suppose.

I'm just really so completely ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I have considered it a tremendous privilege to carry your sweet little self in my belly for all these many, many, maaaany weeks now.  It is truly a miracle, one that makes it difficult for me to understand how anyone can carry a human life inside of them and not fully believe that there is a wildly…
I'm a firm believer in not cluttering a blog with posts written within a year or less of each other.  Yearly blogging is what keeps the people coming back.  They call this writing element "Suspense."

Or "raising a tiny human with no leftover energy to blog."  Either way.

I tried to Tweet for a while there but I can't seem to work well within the restraints of 140 characters.  I'm an internal processor who likes to process via writing, so my hashtags alone end up exceeding the character limit.  #dontlimitmetwitter #howdoesmileycyrusdoit

I will share one of my most recent Tweets however, because it just deserves that kind of public exposure.

"Your eyebrows look really nice, they've really grown in!"  #stuffmymomsays #thankyou?

Since my last installment here, approximately 18 months ago, I've gotten some sleep, watched my baby turn into a delightful toddler, and decided to bake another kid inside of me who I hope to unveil to the world in …