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A lesson in popularity.

If you want to feel popular one day a year, I have a few handy steps for achieving your goal.

#1. Figure out when your birthday is.

#2. Advertise this date on Facebook.

#3. Get lots of friends on Facebook, it doesn't matter if you talk to them in real life. Virtual friendship has many merits.

#4. When your birthday rolls around sit back and watch thousands of people tell you how great you are and what a happy birthday they hope you have.

#5. Feel totally great about yourself, despite the process of aging and making poor eating choices on your birthday.

All this to say, I had a pretty delightful birthday yesterday. It included all of my favorite things minus one favorite person in my life currently residing in China (though not for long!).

Here are some things that made my birthday utterly wonderful.

Sausage Egg McMuffins and Hash browns. Breakfast of champions.

My first visit to the clothing store H&M. I fell in love. And bought some delightful pieces that will cater to baby b…