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First of all, I've had two people in the last few days comment on my "bald" baby. 

Emma is quite fair I'll admit (and Josh laughed when I responded with that to the first "bald" commenter) and her hair is very blond, but still, there's hair hanging out there. 

Do I have anything against bald babies?  I don't think so. 
Would I buy her one of these if I really felt it necessary??

Of course.
Either way, the second lady said there's a good chance Emma would have curly hair because she's bald.  Good to know.  :)
Aside from silly baby anecdotes, I've been up earlier with Emma these days (she's taken a liking to 6am..) so I find myself watching the news and the Today Show.  While watching these, it's not long before I feel overwhelmed by the amount of terrible news in the world.  The devastating earthquake in Turkey, a missing baby in Missouri, and the chilling attack of a sophomore student on freshmen students right nearby in Snoh…

Harvest Time

I had the delightful privilege of meeting some new lady friends (as I like to call them) last night as we played Bunko at Hilary's house.  I consumed more M&M's, Skittles, gluten-free apple pie (homemade no less), and Jelly Belly's than I care to remember.  I can't be blamed for this.  But I can blame the sugar rush (or most specifically the sugar crash) on my inability to focus during the second round. 

I could also attempt to blame the red dye #6 treats on my inability to win.  But because it is culturally appropriate to yell out "You're the Biggest Loser!"  in crowds now, I was deemed as such, given this lovely basket, and felt like it was my birthday/National Coffee Day all over again! 

Incidentally, I can also make my entire Halloween costume this year out of what I won! (I'll figure Hilary into the costume as well somehow)  Perhaps my multi-purpose jack-o-lantern glasses will ensure that we avoid the Halloween 2010 Debacle we all remember …


#12 of the "50 Creative Ways to Make Your Blog Popular"website suggests:

Write something funny or disgusting. (Don't make it a habit)

Here we go people.  Yesterday, because Emma so desperately needed a nap and I so desperately needed a homemade americano (I exaggerate, yes), instead of risking waking her up by grinding my newly purchased Costco beans (roasted by Starbucks) in the kitchen, I decided to grind the bathroom. 

Don't be grossed out (or "sicked out," Jaime).  And don't worry, I won't make it a habit. 

Or if I do make it a habit, I won't habitually write about it on here.  Because I'm banking on this "50 Ways.." blog to really be my ticket in life.  Whatever that means.

Also disgusting is this head cold that came out of nowhere. 

Thirdly disgusting is the rain that flooded my dreams of taking the tiny human to the pumpkin patch today.  But, I am hopeful that the little sunballs peeking through the clouds on th…

She threw up in my mouth a little...

This is Jaime's current status on Facebook:

"Baby Emma had a burst of affection all over my face. It got in my mouth a little bit... and on my eye lashes, Bieber bangs, clothing. Messy, barfy burst of affection."

The good news is, the moment following the aforementioned barfy affection, our trusty and falsely-understood-as-compassionate friend Carolyn yelled out "Don't you dare wipe her off yet!" (referring to Jaime)as she ran to get her camera. 

The bad news is that it's a new camera and Carolyn didn't seem optimistic about getting the picture to me anytime soon.  That makes one victory for baby and one for Jaime I suppose.

In other news, if you're driving through Ohio and see one of these...

don't get out of your car.  It's pretty much like Jumanji.
Reason #24 that I feel like a mom:  A "date night" to Costco feels luxurious.  There's free food, entertainment on big screens, and giant bags of espresso beans.  Don't you …


I'm not doing a stellar job at this blogging thing.  I felt a burst of inspiration after Glen Grove shared some kind words this week about how he enjoyed the blog when I was in Cambodia.

Helping widows and orphans in a third world country is a seemingly far more glamorous platform than disclosing my thoughts about diapers and sleep schedules.

....On that note, I am on the fence with Target diapers.  Sometimes I think I might as well skip the diaper since her pants end up doing most of the work.  Incidentally, the Cambodians would endorse the no-diaper route. 

....On the other note, we slept a solid 7+ hours last night.  That's THREE nights in a row of sleep.  I really shouldn't be so dependent on coffee at this point because of that fact.

But you know I can't resist you, tall Americano with one pump of classic and room for cream (just in case anyone should ever need that helpful information).

Aside from unabashed kindness from Glen, I also feel inspired whenever I re…


I have admittedly not been blogging at naptime lately.  I've been doing dishes, reading, occasionally napping myself, and generally basking in the times when Emma does sleep.  We've had a rough time lately with nighttime sleep.  I went from feeling entirely defeated on Monday night (at last count I had woken up 5 times with the tiny human) to this same tiny human sleeping from 7pm to 5:30am this morning (and pulling her into bed with us as we all fell back asleep).  Quite the contrast.

I had the distinct privilege during my "defeated" days of getting to attend the Northwest District Conference for local pastors and leaders.  I wish I could start each morning by refocusing myself on the Lord accompanied by a live band like these guys.  So good. 

The Starbucks helped too. 

I walked away from the conference feeling very refreshed.  And not only because there were so many willing arms ready to snuggle Emma.  But partly that.  It was mostly hearing from such excellent c…