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Oh Moxie Crimefighter what have they done to you...

Here are some names Josh and I are pretty certain we won't name our child:
Audio Science.
(A beautiful combination of our names. We were THIS close to convincing Leland and Ashley to name one of their children this. Surprisingly, they declined so it's still up for grabs)Question: How old does your child have to be before you buy them one of these?? I think we have the yard for it.

Sidebar: Even ponies think swoopy bangs are the coolest.

Current Disappointments:
#1. Waves of nausea. I thought I could defeat them. They're fighters. Moxie Crimefighters to be specific.

They make a lovely little woman like this go from happily laying in an open sunny field in her cute maternity top...

To bravely trying to hold down the teriyaki she just consumed at her desk at work....

I am that lovely little Asian lady. Well in the sense that someone on a team to Cambodia once thought I was from the Philippines. I get that a lot.

Disappointment #2. The fair is comi…

Almost 6 weeks...

Like any good wife/future mother, the goal I set for myself before having children was to make it to Disney Land one last time so I could ride the big kid rides.

Our wonderful 2 year anniversary Disney Land trip in May was everything I hoped.

And now, less than 3 months later, my previous goal having been accomplished, I have now moved on to bigger and better things.
Well, maybe not technically "bigger" at this point. More like the size of one of these little guys...

So far I have to say that motherhood is a breeze.

Aside from wanting to place a Disney-themed cot underneath my desk at work and take a nap every 15 minutes, I am very much enjoying pregnancy. I've already been given quite a bit of attention for my little legume, as well as books on how to raise this creature, and even organic onesies! (Jillian Michaels would be so proud)

Apparently childbearing is something people have been doing for years and Josh & I are fortunate enough to not only have a tremendou…