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The First of the Lasts.

First of all, as a public service announcement I would like to share that I think Blogspot is out to get me.

Because for all of the time I spend attempting to format the layout so that the pictures and text line up just right (to perfection!), I will look over at my husband's computer as he's reading through and see things completely out of place. So please feel free to use your imagination in regards to what the page should look like if it is not aligning properly on your computer.
Thank you.
In other news, it has been quite the week for Josh and I as we watch the calendar days pass by and the one marked with "Josh and Michelle Depart" draw closer and closer. Pretty surreal.

And yes, that day is TOMORROW by the way! Wow.

In an important piece of news, I had intended to end my time here by maybe working on my tan a little this week before leaving (I have very clearly defined priorities), but rainy days combined with a general dislike of being in direct Cambodian sunlight …

So long Siem Reap.

With nearly every team that has come to work with us in Cambodia, we have ended our time with them by spending two days in Siem Reap, a growing tourist destination in northern Cambodia. It allows the teams some down time to reflect on their experience, get a break from having rice for 3 meals a day, visit Angkor Wat, ride in tuk-tuk's, and finally get to have things like ice, fresh veggies, and dairy :)

It's the little things in life...

Josh and I have often joked throughout our time here about our plan to move to Siem Reap and base teams out of there rather than Phnom Penh. It just makes sense! There is an airport, excellent Mexican food, and we would of course reside at the "modest" Cozyna Hotel for a reasonable daily fee that would include breakfast, a swimming pool, cable TV, and a hotel staff who all believe my husband's name to be "John."

(He finally just went with it, thus fulfilling every young man's dream of having an alias...)

We love this pla…