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I have 3 (admittedly half-eaten) loaves of banana bread hanging out on my counter currently.  This is dangerous as I am the only person in the house who consumes them.  Josh isn't a big fan and bananas have not "agreed" with Emma so far (I'll spare you the details..) 

In the end, I will not be accused of wastefulness in regards to these beautiful potassium bread loaves, so all is not lost.

I've had two people recently tell me how they enjoy the adventures I have.  While they aren't the most grand of adventures, I will admit that we conquered both Swedish Disneyland (aka IKEA) and the Pumpkin Patch all in one single weekend.  And we even did some naps on-the-go courtesy of this little beauty...

That's right, the Ergo carrier.  It is magnificent.  My back thanks me every time I wear it.  And if we had an 8 year old son (as pictured above) we'd tote him everywhere on our backs.  Because 8 year old boys deserve a break like anyone else.
We had plans to…