Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

We figure there's no better way to wrap up a church planting conference on October 31st than to eat some Albertson's chicken, fill a bowl with tootsie rolls and smarties, and dress up in our stylish new Value Village purchases just in time to watch literally THOUSANDS of children flock to our front door to enjoy both the flavorful candy, and our impressive flare for creative costuming...

Proof of our impeccable taste.

Sidebar: A glimpse of what I would've looked like pregnant in the 70's.

We started our evening off feeling strong, confident....

Both in our candy selection and impressive graphic design skills. What child can resist pumpkin clip art??

All children.

Apparently all children can resist clip part as proven by the fact that our evening lingered on, yet our candy supply remained unchanged.

Desperation. Rejection. Not even a perfectly formed hairdo can remedy the heartbreak.

Thankfully, we've never been ones to let a little Halloween Heartbreak ruin our fun, so we put on our new iTunes purchases for the evening including, "YMCA," "I Will Survive," and "Stayin' Alive," and danced the night away.



7:45. Something goes terribly wrong. My hand gets caught in Josh's unkempt fro. Panic ensues.

The bad news: Josh loses a good chunk of hair.

The good news: We found Fred! He does love curling up in warm, overgrown places.

I decided to investigate further to see what else might be hiding in the abyss.

Eureka! No more straining noodles by hand! Oh Halloween antics, we like you.

So, all that to say, marry someone who will put on a fro and have a dance party with you to remedy otherwise disappointing holiday festivities. You'll thank me.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mountain Top Experiences

Hypothetically speaking, people ask me for advice on what not to do while pregnant all the time.

If the above weren't a hypothetical scenario, I would tell them this:

NEVER attempt to hike up Mt. Pilchuck while pregnant.

Here's what will happen.

You will wake up feeling surprisingly refreshed and energetic one Saturday morning.

You will be powered by the finest breakfast known to man (mcmuffin and hash browns).

You will feel fully prepared with hiking poles, comfortable shoes, and a kind husband who arranges it so you don't even have to carry a backpack.

You will go hiking on the day where approximately 99.2% of the greater Seattle population has also decided to hike this very same mountain.

Going UP the mountain roughly 87% of the ascent you will be an animal, with your husband remarking how proud Jillian Michaels would be of the way you are ripping the face off of this mountain.

Then.......things will start to change.

It will become more rocky. Both with actual rocks and with fluctuating levels of emotion.

Sidebar: I could blame these emotions solely on pregnancy, but sadly my hiking emotions often find me at my most fragile and unpredictable.

You will be semi-brave in going to the top of the mountain (not to the lookout point, but close enough..). And while you should sit back to enjoy the majestic beauty of nature surrounding you.....all your mind will allow is thoughts of "I have to go back down...."

Coming down the mountain you will be unsteady (again, both physically and emotionally).

You will feel as if you are inconveniencing the nice hikers who have to wait 10 minutes for you to effectively navigate descending the rocks so they can pass you on their way up.

Small children ages 2-7 will sail past you both ascending and descending with their sounds of joy and laughter that will haunt each painful step of your slow rocky maneuvers.

You will celebrate and feel entirely defeated upon finally reaching the bottom before you sleep the entire way home.

There are no pictures of this trip because some memories don't benefit anyone if they are captured...

My husband went hiking again today.

I did not.

And this is why our marriage is so strong today. I've learned my lesson.