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Happy Holidays

As I attempted to make dinner tonight, both of my children were watching two different episodes of "Caillou" on two different devices (not that they even know what "TV" is or are ever given electronic "devices" to entertain them while I accomplish things. Obviously.)

If you're unfamiliar with Caillou, he is a tiny, bald Canadian child who selflessly offers to teach your child how to whine in a variety of situations including (but not limited to): home, school, at a friend's house, at Grandma's house, at the grocery store, and in any and all indoor/outdoor settings.
I try to balance out the whiny influence with equal amounts of a small, well-intended monkey who seems to curiously create problems only to then be praised for uncovering their solution later on.

I heard the man with the yellow hat telling Chef Pisghetti the other day, "He never does this at home..." 

I say the same thing yellow hat man. I say the same thing.

Today we celebrate…


I think if I could choose one super power to possess in life, it would be the ability to simply look at a fitted sheet and know exactly which end to start with when making up the bed.  This would save me probably a solid 4 minutes over the course of my entire life based on some highly scientific mathematical equations I just came up with, and the embarrassing infrequency of my sheet washing.

"This is a cool car!" - Emma living large in the backseat of our fancy new minivan. She gets it.

Sadly, the former David Blaine status I'd achieved with my children abruptly subsided when less than a week after purchasing our fancy new minivan, the side with the magical self-opening power door became entirely unusable...

Until my husband magically fixed it this evening using some logic, skill, and a head lamp.

So now we're more like Penn and Teller, both incredibly magical, and one noticeably taller than the other.

In other news, you can be moving along at a fairly steady pace in life…