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Auld Lang Syne.

It is New Years Eve here in Cambodia. Josh and I had a delicious dinner at the Phnom Penh FCC (pizza and half price smoothies and cokes…perfect!) and are now sitting back in our room reflecting on our time here and all that this new year potentially holds for us. We both have running lists of goals, dreams, and areas of growth we want to achieve this year. The Lord continues to be incredibly gracious to us in our time of living here. We love being married and sharing this time in Cambodia. It truly is an adventure. And it is stretching and challenging to the both of us at times, but we trust (even when we fight against it) that the Lord is using every piece of our time here for a purpose.

I don’t want to miss those moments He brings along. I don’t want to shrug them off in frustration or dismiss the profound when it comes wrapped in the ordinary. I find that a great deal of what the Lord longs to produce in me requires nothing more than my humility and trust. And perhaps my attention. …

Motion Pictures.

As a follow up to the last blog, here are two spectacular and riveting video snapshots of our time at home. Videography at its finest. :)

This second one is a recap of our exciting day of sledding. Sometimes we accidentally speak with accents. But the silliness (and the sledding skill) is all on purpose (with the special addition of a top secret mission at the for it..).

Home sweet home.

Josh and I were blessed to be able to go home for 3 full weeks this month to visit with friends and family and experience a surprisingly very white Christmas in Washington!

We had been planning toward our time at home with great anticipation. The entirety of our marriage (minus the 3 days after our wedding) has been spent in Cambodia and we were excited at the idea of finally getting to be a married couple at home, feeling like teenagers as we walked around the Alderwood Mall holding hands (something we don’t get to do in Cambodia…we are so brave :) We loved getting to bundle up in layers of clothing (also something we don’t get to do in Cambodia) and be unexpected participants in the great blizzard of ’08 (it sounds more dramatic that way..)
Prior to the winter weather finding us, Josh went off to sleep overnight in the snow on top of Mt. Pilchuck.
And I had plenty of winter adventures of my own trekking to exotic locations such as "Target," "Kohls," and of course &…

Wedding Bells.

Josh and I were very excited while we were home to get a copy of our wedding pictures!! They capture the big day quite well :)