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I'm a firm believer in not cluttering a blog with posts written within a year or less of each other.  Yearly blogging is what keeps the people coming back.  They call this writing element "Suspense."

Or "raising a tiny human with no leftover energy to blog."  Either way.

I tried to Tweet for a while there but I can't seem to work well within the restraints of 140 characters.  I'm an internal processor who likes to process via writing, so my hashtags alone end up exceeding the character limit.  #dontlimitmetwitter #howdoesmileycyrusdoit

I will share one of my most recent Tweets however, because it just deserves that kind of public exposure.

"Your eyebrows look really nice, they've really grown in!"  #stuffmymomsays #thankyou?

Since my last installment here, approximately 18 months ago, I've gotten some sleep, watched my baby turn into a delightful toddler, and decided to bake another kid inside of me who I hope to unveil to the world in …