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An open letter...

Dear Third Trimester,

I am absolutely exhausted, often overheated, and have a quickly dwindling "belly appropriate" wardrobe to accommodate my ever growing frame.

You win.

I give up.

Well played...



P.S. (If I were a "Tweeter" these are the kinds of life-changing updates I would offer..)

"This should go down in some sort of Baby Shower history book..." - Mary Ann Cates 03/19/2011

On Saturday, the kid currently residing in me had her first blowout party with some of her very favorite women in the world who she hasn't technically met yet but who occasionally speak directly into my stomach (an otherwise uncomfortable scenario) so that their voice is easily recognizable by her once she enters the world :)

She was spoiled with everything a new little human needs as they enter the world.
Well, almost....
I will admit that there are some obvious glaring omissions in an otherwise maxed out registry. I can't quite figure it out, except to assume that people are waiting until closer to the due date to purchase the following entirely (in my opinion) obvious childhood necessities:
#1. A pony.
How else will our young, impressionable child learn responsibility? Chores? Dolls? Digi Pets????

No! Only by having a pony.

This was my argument when I was 7 (minus the Digi Pets, which I would have loved I'm certain) and it is still my argument these "few" ye…


I'd heard rumors about the third trimester bringing with it not only the inability to sit comfortably for more than 5 minutes, but also some vivid, perhaps slightly unrealistic dreams involving child birth.

A friend of mine, we'll call her "Adriane," dreamt she had given birth to a litter of kittens.

Well, apparently inspired by her dream and never one to be outdone, last night I had a dream that I gave birth to this....

Welcome to the world Whiskers Ferguson. We have big plans for you and your freakishly giant paws.

Love, Mom and Dad

Things I've Learned....continued...

#148. Downloading new music to your iPod can make a long day of uncomfortable sitting at work far more enjoyable.

My personal recommendations/purchases for the day:

Hillsong - Aftermath. Normally, I listen to a few songs when I'm choosing new music to buy...the exceptions to this include anything by Hillsong and anything from the Bethel Church in Redding, CA :) You will not regret following in my impulsive footsteps.

Adele - 21. This girl is ridiculously talented. And she saves herself a lot of creative grief by simply naming her albums after her current age. One day this won't seem so appealing to her I imagine, but for now go with what works.

The Things I've Learned in Pregnancy So Far.

#27. Sometimes your pen falls on the ground at work, and rather than take 15 minutes trying to stoop down and pick it up…you simply find another pen.

#54. Your friends should never leave you alone with a new kind of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

#82. Sometimes in your birthing/newborn classes you do everything you can to avoid seeing an actual birth in the videos they show. But at least once, you will not be able to avert your eyes in time...

#39. Make sure to befriend lots of women who have recently had children so that you have your own personal "Google" search when you have questions about things like cribs and labor drugs.

#80. I greatly preferred the phrase "Ring of Fire" when it simply pertained to a Johnny Cash song...

#57. We like to believe that this Baby Whisperer guy (and the grace of God) will help us to indeed have the "happiest baby on the block."

The stethoscope means he's a real doctor. And we like that.

#14. You will get a lot of "knowing&…