Sunday, November 23, 2014

Story of my life..

I've decided to title all of my blogs after One Direction songs from now on. As a 35 year old woman, I feel like this is a really wise step for me.

I dedicate this blog entry to every boy band, and also to my lovely friend Jess who refuses to join Facebook and instead insists that I blog about my life instead of just seeing how many "likes" I can get on pictures of my homemade vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, sugar free, carrageenan free scones.

I have deemed this past week for my family the "Week of Isolation." It all started when my husband and I had the crazy idea to try to get away for our first kid free overnighter. Who does that???

We don't.

Because when we try, our son wakes up sounding like a seal.

Not this one.
 This one.

The Doctor heard one bark and immediately said "Yep, that's croup." Thus validating every search I have ever completed in my life.

In the end we did take the adorable tiny human seal along for our overnighter. And my mom kindly stayed with the elder tiny, who also ended up sick. I got to escape to Target this week though, so all was not lost!

In bigger news, after MUCH prayer and conversation between my delightful husband and I, we have decided that we feel our time at South Everett Foursquare Church is coming to a close.

It's the biggest decision we've had to make in our marriage, and it wasn't at all an easy one. We have been spoiled with a group of incredibly mature, generous, kind, loving people who have graciously allowed us to grow and learn, and most importantly have allowed me the freedom to simply be a mama to my tinies without any pre-conceived ideas or demands of what a pastor's wife should look like. I could not be more thankful. All of these aforementioned people have been equally gracious as we've communicated our departure.  We trust that there are really good things ahead for this amazing group of people :)

The biggest question now for us of course is, "What's next?"

The answer: We have no idea!

It's not the answer we'd like to have :)

We feel a distinct peace in the midst of such uncertainty that can only come from the Lord.  We want to know what's next of course, but ultimately we want to do our best to be faithful right where we are. I have never experienced a lack of faithfulness from Jesus in my life, only His abundance both in love and grace.  I love my sweet husband and tiny humans and I'm genuinely excited for what's next for the four of us.  We welcome prayers and free trips to Disneyland!

I'm sorry,  I can't resist Disneyland...