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It's like Facebook, but without the self-assurance of that little "Like" button

It's 10:30 at night.  My children have been silent for at least an hour now.  I normally pride myself on being someone who never complains about the heat in WA, but when it makes the tiny people I live with unable to sleep well, I take some issue.

Since I can't bring myself to be creative on two separate social media outlets, here's a little glimpse at my earlier Facebook status which prompted this fancy blog entry on this super high tech site with the ridiculously long name...
"There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a tiny voice saying "Mama."
Unless of course it is at full volume, from behind a bedroom door, competing with the screams of a 9.5 month old in a separate room, for the entirety of what should have been an afternoon nap.  In the above case, it can be likened to the sound of screeching metal, cats in heat, booming fireworks that awaken your children at night, and of course the merciless death of a mother's dream of being alone to eat bana…