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The latest in our ongoing video series....

Home sweet home.

A common question people ask us here in Cambodia is “Where exactly do you live?”

The real answer is that the majority of our time is spent living in guest houses while out with teams :) But when we are “home” we live in a house in Phnom Penh on the same property where some of our other staff lives and where our offices are located. Google maps Cambodia (which I thought I had just invented but actually exists) shows that we are located exactly 30 minutes from everywhere, including the Training Center (which is also where we attend church when home), the airport, the river front, post office, and most importantly The Pizza Company.

I said above that we live in a house, but in all reality as of roughly 3 weeks ago we live more specifically in a turkey pen.

I do not exaggerate.

This is what greets us as we step out onto our front porch each morning.

So far I have discovered 3 positives to living in a turkey pen.
#1. When you come near them their feathers puff up.
#2. They help chase away any sn…

Finding Angkor...continued..

The 2nd installment of our "Finding Angkor" documentary.

Selamat Pagi.

Conversation just transpired in the office here regarding how full our passports look after traveling to Indonesia this past week. Part of the reason for this is that our flight took us through Kuala Lumpur, Penang (both in Malaysia), and finally to Medan, Indonesia for the Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches (ECFC). A group of 42 of us (36 Cambodian staff and pastors along with Josh, myself, Kris, Emily and Ted and Sou) traveled together to take part in the three day conference. We had the opportunity to hear from speakers Daniel Brown, Glenn Burris, Jonathan Hall, and Leslie Keegel (among others).

The conference brought in attendees from Taiwan, Australia, Paupua New Guinea, Thailand, Japan, the US, Sri Lanka, and the list goes on. Josh commented at one point what an amazing opportunity it is (and a glimpse of what's to come) to be able to worship with people from around the world. Jonathan Hall (FMI Director of Missions) emphasized during his talk the fact that we are a globa…

Cinematic Masterpieces

My husband and I, in an effort to put our video camera to good use, have created a 2 segment video chronicling our adventures at the temple of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. This is the first installment of more to come...(and please excuse the low quality. we have difficulty uploading the highest quality on our internet connection here :)