Break out the vinegar

Because I do (mostly) everything Pinterest tells me to do, I ordered some glass spray bottles on Amazon, along with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and corn starch. I attempted various combinations of these ingredients along with white vinegar, water (filtered obviously), and fancy oils from fields of glory to make homemade All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, and Bleach Spray.

The motivation behind this scientific endeavor was the germ ridden people who occupy my home. It began last Sunday with the subtle introduction of some tiny man child tummy rumbles and an out of the ordinary evening nap on the floor. From there it got worse for the man child, infected the girl child, and has now caught up to the very tall man husband who has been quarantined to our bedroom apart from some 2-3 minute appearances throughout the day. So far the tiniest human and myself have escaped unscathed...

I have attempted to disinfect the majority of my house with my homemade creations. I felt like the easier option was to leave for the week, but I'm an incredibly loyal, dedicated, selfless mother...and also my car isn't wanting to start and we have to wait until my husband recovers from emptying his insides to take it in to the shop.

So, basically I'm stranded here and extremely kind people like my friend Suzanne come to drop off fancy blue Hobby Lobby baskets filled with things to delight my children, and things to delight my taste buds when my children are asleep at night.

The eldest sick child completed her Oral Immunotherapy for peanuts a few weeks ago and we have been thrilled and thankful. It's not been an entirely smooth ride, and the stomach flu makes it extra bumpy. She dosed at a lower amount today but her body couldn't quite handle it, nor could mine, as I watched her to decide whether an epi-pen would be necessary. She was fine with some allergy medicine and I prescribed myself large amounts of chocolate and a 10pm plate of nachos. I am very good at stress.

The youngest non-sick child will begin in-home therapy soon because she's apparently got wide hips and low muscle tone. I just thought she was content to scootch around the world on her bottom, but apparently she's months overdue for being able to pull herself up and other things that have gone entirely unnoticed because she's the third kid. Sorry Clairebear. In her defense, what she lacks in mobility and strength she more than makes up for with her fuzzy head and delightful countenance.

I'm thankful for the professional in-home intervention, both because I love anything that doesn't require me to leave my house, and I assume it's probably fine if I leave for Target while it's going on. It's not a big deal you guys.

We are mostly surviving homeschool and have 3 more months to learn everything there is to learn in Kindergarten. She can spell b-o-y, skip across a room, draw a cat on my phone to text to my mom, and has nearly perfected snapping her fingers. So, we're basically ready to move onto first grade!

Time for my nachos...


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